Monday, May 3, 2010

Now Residing in the Holy Land!

So this whole blog thing has really had me quite intimidated. I read one girl's blog, I think, that is so well written; another girl's, I think, wow her photos are amazing; I read again, gosh... such a cute background! (Note that I only used the word girl because I know zero boys with blogs and also note my semi-colon use... who knows if that is right). But I really feel this time around the block I have something on all you bloggers, I may not be artsy, crafty or good at writing... but I am in the Holy Land!! I am doing a study abroad at the BYU Jerusalem Center! So far it has been a wonderful experience! Some of my highlights of the last few days here:

1) Exploring the Old City of Jerusalem! Not only is the old city beautiful but the residents keep it interesting as well. We were once asked by a shop keeper where we were from. Germany? Austria? We didn't reply, but the shop keeper down the street did, "NO! They are from banana republic!!!!" We all thought that was pretty funny!
2) The view from the Center. I have yet to take a picture of it but I had the most amazing sacrament meeting looking over the city that Jesus performed the Atonement and was died to save me from my sins.
3) The people's accents! More-moon. Everyone knows us here as that.
4) The other 80 students who are all my new best friends!!!
5) The 4 AM Call to Prayer in the morning for all the Muslims!

It really has been fabulous such far! I am loving it!